Paper Dog aka Salsa

I may live in a digital world, but my love affair with paper has by no means diminished.
Many of us have some form of paper or another within hand’s reach most of the time, and yet we never think about the extraordinarily beautiful pieces of paper art that we could create with them if we ever took the time to try. The next time you’re about to throw out a grocery receipt or chewing gum wrapper, try to fold or cut it into something beautiful. Maybe you’ll get a flash of inspiration and create a work of art!

Here is a piece of work I created in November 2014. Paper Dog aka ‘Salsa’.
Created entirely out of used A4 paper.

I had a Shih Tzu dog called Salsa. Had to give her away as I moved countries. The look she gave me (as the new owner took her away from me) still lingers in my memory.





Patric Rozario
2 Dec 2014



Cookie Jar. Pebeo Moon and Prisme

The French art material maker Pebeo has come out with two amazing range of paints for fine artists and crafts people. Two ranges of opalescent, reactive paints that create an array of infinite effects, designs and textured appearances. Magnificent abstract effects are the result. Available in a variety of mixable, brilliant colors, including pearlescent and metallic shades; they can be used to create an opaque, marbled effect on almost any surface, including glass, wood, Plexiglas, canvas, ceramics, metal, and more.

Fantasy Prisme. Opalescent and daring, the colours reveal stunning honeycomb and textured effects when applied generously on horizontal surfaces.

Fantasy Moon. Pearly, opaque colours that immediately render a hammered or marbled effect when applied in thin or thick coats.

I was commissioned to work on three Porcelain Cookie Jars. I have never worked on irregular porcelain surface, and I knew for sure that acrylic won’t work. My art supplies store (Color Note, Doha) had introduced me to this new range of Pebeo product, which are solvent based. With boldness I embarked on painting with these Pebeo paints. Impressed with the effect. Cant wait to work with these solvent based paints on canvas.


Patric Rozario

Sept 2014

Pebeo Moon

Pebeo Moon



Peboe Prisme

Peboe Prisme

The final 3 wise old men. Fat and prosperous.

The final 3 wise old men. Fat and prosperous.

Back of the cookie jar provide ample clean space for me to work on.

Back of the cookie jar provided me ample clean space for me to work on.

CookieJar_Green_1 CookieJar_Green_Back

The cookie jar as it came to me. Virgin.

The cookie jar as it came to me. Virgin.



CookieJar-Red_Back CookieJar-Red2


As an artist, I have totally embraced re-used and re-cycled materials as medium for my art; and I am surging ahead.
I have been experimenting with a lot of such materials for my creations, and paper certainly is a favorite currently.

Roll-A-Coaster is one such creations and these craft product is now ready for marketing. Branding, packaging, online sales channel, and payment gateway are all ready now.
Each pack contains a set of 6 coasters. They have a water proof coating and should last as long as you keep loving them.

I have taken this one step further. I am utilizing low-income expatriates in the Middle East to produce these coasters for me. I have been tutoring a few of them for the past two months both to create these coasters and learn to be self-reliant. I pay them a nominal sum in advance to create these coasters. A second payment will be made after I make a sale. Certainly I am using the principle of Fair Trade.

Your support will make REAL difference in their lives.

One can buy these coasters from:

May the forest be with you.
Patric Rozario



Newspaper Repurposed

These pieces of art was created for a workshop for Qatar Green Building Council, in conjunction with ‘No Paper Day’. These eco-friendly creations made out of recycled newspaper and magazine can make quite stunning art. These pieces not only are conversation art pieces, but they are also functional pieces. Today’s newspaper are colourful and can add depth and dimension with their varied hues, but the monochromatic simplicity of newspaper makes for wonderful art works as well.
Patric Rozario

Art Explorers Charcoal Workshop

Art Explorers Charcoal Workshop.
September 14, 2012
Doha, Qatar

We had an interesting workshop, where we co-created with a medium that some of us take for granted – Charcoal. The style of drawing we referred to was that of American Dutch artist, Willem de Kooning. Participants were briefed on Kooning work, where several of his works were shared for study.

Charcoal is a versatile and dynamic medium.
While you can create extremely realistic, sensitive drawings with it, there is something about picking up that dusty stump of charcoal that frees us to go big, expressive and gestural. It’s a tool for drawing, shading and blending, but there is something psychologically different about using charcoal. It lets you get more expressive and work larger without getting stuck in details. No true artist can learn and improve his/her creations without working with charcoal.

Kavitha Raghavan, Pearl Dcunha, , Marvelyn Madridejos, Valerie Gonzales, Pearl Fernandez, Adham El Hadary & Patric Rozario.

Wearable art – Giraffe Shirt

Wearable art. Giraffe Men’s Shirt.
0n 100% cotton.
Hand drawn with fabric paint.
Originally created with pen on paper. Later decided to have them drawn on shirt.
Currently working with a clothing manufacturer to make it available for retail.

Patric Rozario
27 August 2012

Art on Sneekers

Since some sneakers are made of Canvas, why not paint on sneakers.

Here’s an idea that is long overdue.
I bought myself a pair of Lee Coopers canvas sneakers and created my doodles and ‘tangles’ on them.
Painted with Fabric paint. The artwork is all done by hand, without the use of airbrushes or stencils, and the paint will not chip or fade. Here again is an exercise to show you that your art must have a purpose.
Those of you who have done the first few lessons on doodles, and have learned the techniques, should be even more convinced that their doodles is well worth the practice.
Patric Rozario
27 June 2012, Doha