As an artist, I have totally embraced re-used and re-cycled materials as medium for my art; and I am surging ahead.
I have been experimenting with a lot of such materials for my creations, and paper certainly is a favorite currently.

Roll-A-Coaster is one such creations and these craft product is now ready for marketing. Branding, packaging, online sales channel, and payment gateway are all ready now.
Each pack contains a set of 6 coasters. They have a water proof coating and should last as long as you keep loving them.

I have taken this one step further. I am utilizing low-income expatriates in the Middle East to produce these coasters for me. I have been tutoring a few of them for the past two months both to create these coasters and learn to be self-reliant. I pay them a nominal sum in advance to create these coasters. A second payment will be made after I make a sale. Certainly I am using the principle of Fair Trade.

Your support will make REAL difference in their lives.

One can buy these coasters from:

May the forest be with you.
Patric Rozario