Noufal Pathari

Some people come to your life for a purpose.

Noufal was introduced to be by my good friend Thajuddin.
The Artistic Metal Panels Paintings at Westin Hotel & Spa Doha were already installed and I had to quickly organise a photo shoot. These paintings are in six different meeting rooms, and it would have been a daunting task to have all 6 rooms photographed in one go – without interruptions by visitors. The fasting month of Ramadan had just got over and visitors to the hotel was just beginning to get larger by the number. Very soon the hotel would get busy. The only day I had was the first Friday immediately after Ramadan.

When Noufal was introduced to me, the first thought that came to my mind was, ‘How am I going to get this man to get to work during his festive season?” I was mistaken. Noufal consented to come to the hotel for a Recce and spent a good 2 hours knowing his subject well. Agreed to come the following day for the shoot. This good hearted man set aside his family time during his religious holidays and took on a task with a sense of urgency. He even went to shop for a lighting system that was both portable and versatile.

Noufal was on time the next day.
It was indeed very tiring to work continuously. We had to move chairs and tables and rearrange so many setting. Then there was the props. Lighting was a challenge, but somehow Naufal managed. We rested only for about 10 minutes during toilet breaks.
4 hours and the shoot was completed.

It was a pleasure working with someone like Noufal. It is one thing to work with a good photographer. Yet another to get someone who is both an understanding person yet skilled at his game – and allows you to be part of the whole exercise.



Art on Sneekers

Since some sneakers are made of Canvas, why not paint on sneakers.

Here’s an idea that is long overdue.
I bought myself a pair of Lee Coopers canvas sneakers and created my doodles and ‘tangles’ on them.
Painted with Fabric paint. The artwork is all done by hand, without the use of airbrushes or stencils, and the paint will not chip or fade. Here again is an exercise to show you that your art must have a purpose.
Those of you who have done the first few lessons on doodles, and have learned the techniques, should be even more convinced that their doodles is well worth the practice.
Patric Rozario
27 June 2012, Doha

Tangle Art as Tattoo

I thought all Tattoos are basically the same.
But here is Yann Black from Montreal Canada. His Tatoo’s are artistically different. I teach and create Tangles on Paper, T-Shirts, Shoes and HandBags, and use also these creations for Decoupage.
But here is a man who ‘practices’ on human bodies.
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Do you doodle? Many people love to scribble away absent-mindedly, and often these doodles can carry a great deal of meaning, and for the artist, can sometimes be the source of inspiration for serious artworks. It may seem that doodles are just scribbles where one draws without any clear purpose or outcome. I will teach you how to just let your hand move and follow it’s fancy, while ‘drawing’ from your intellect and imagination. At the end of the class you will agree with me that doodling is definitely an “expressionism” category of art.

Art Classes by Patric Rozario

In artistic expression, just like anything else, the degree of proficiency with technical skills contributes largely to levels of accomplishment and achievement. Talent, personal interpretation, style: these are innate and cannot be held back, but they are GREATLY enhanced by learning techniques that make excelling easier! Patric Rozario teaches techniques and methods that are fun and engaging; in simple easy terms even new beginners will understand and be able to follow.

Unleash your inner artist and wow your friends with simple art techniques and styles. Everything from lunchboxes to lampshades will spring to life as you add your own personalized touches. Best of all, most of the necessary materials are in your home right now. So what are you waiting for— take the art lessons from Patric Rozario.

Aqua Lilly

Aqua Lily. Acrylics on canvas.
Between August and December 2005 I completed my first series of 12 paintings on water lily.

The water lily, whose scientific name is Nymphaeaceae, is one of the world’s most beautiful and recognizable plants. The scientific name, Nympaeceae, is taken from the Greek word nymph. Nymphs were female sprites that lived in springs or other bodies of water. The name “Nympaeceae” fits the water lily perfectly because the lily is only found in bodies of water as well.

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