Color Shaper Workshop

October 12, 2012.
We gathered for a workshop on acrylic painting. Artists were introduced to the Color Shaper and Acrylic Matt Gel.

The Color Shapers are used for creating all kinds of unusual painterly effects and textural interest in your paintings.The Colour Shaper’s silicone tip gives you a combination of control, precision and fluidity that are uniquely inspiring; they take you beyond improvised tools and allow you to create exciting textures, marks and effects….a perfect complement to your brushes and palette knives.

Colour Shapers are extremely useful when working in the fine detail of your work, whether painting, model making or sculpting you can pick up the smallest amount of medium and control it with ease. Colour Shaper perfect for applying masking fluid for water color artists.

The Colour Shaper’s silicone tip does not absorb paint like a brush so it can be cleaned simply with a wipe – dried paint and glue can be peeled right off.



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