Keith Holamon and his Wooden Ball project

Generating spheres at an absurd scale is sculptor Keith Holamon’s obsession. Using a custom apparatus mounted on a flatbed trailer, Holaman laboriously chips away at mammoth hunks of burl to produce massive orbs that evoke a sense of the familiar while also being completely alien at the same time. There is something about a giant sphere that conjures thoughts of cosmic mystery. But this particular sphere is made out of the most earthly and primitive of materials—wood.

The Big Wooden Ball Project by artist Keith Holamon, who created his own method for building striking sculptures out of found pieces of rotting and discarded trees. Keith had to modify and re-design components to pull off the carving job that produces the massive orbs. The sculptures have an other-wordly feel to them, combining the intricacies of wood with a smooth spherical form. It kind of sets the imagination off, and also makes you want to roll it down a huge hill.

Artist Keith Holamon is a native of Zephyr, Texas, where he grew up on a ranch and learned a number of skills such as welding and woodworking that he now applies to his art.  Working primarily in mixed media of wood and metal, Keith has constructed three-dimensional wall-art, sculpture, and musical instruments.  Artists and artisans who have influenced in his work include his dad, Larry Holamon, who first showed Keith how to use a blow torch and chain saw.

Watch this video:


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