Stan Herd. Representational Earthworks Artist

Khalid Latif, a good friend of mine introduced me to a unique artist from the US. Earthwork Artist Stan Herd. Three of us initiated a unique project which would have become totally awesome and first of its kind in the Middle East.  I presented a project plan to some important people in the aviation business in Qatar. Our idea was to create earthworks portraits of important Arabs scholars and scientist. These huge portraits are to be created by Stan Herd along the runway of the New Doha International Airport. Sadly, the project never took off. But I strongly believe someday soon, someone will take notice and would be interested to kick-off the project. In the meantime, I continue my friendship with Stan, and do hope that someday we get to work together on an art project together.

Stan Herd is the preeminent representational earthworks artist in the world. Stan Herd pioneered the art form known as representational crop art – a method of creating images of people, landscapes and brands by digging, disking, plowing and otherwise manipulating acres of green space. Herd was born in 1950 into a farming family in the small rural community of Protection, Kansas. Stan Herd always had an intimate relationship with the land that’s dovetailed with his art.

Since the late 1970s Stan Herd has created monumental portraits and other images by plowing, planting, and mowing on tracts of farmland in the Great Plains. Herd’s earthworks projects have been created around the world, including England, Cuba, Australia and the United States. Selected as an Absolut Artist for the highly successful “Absolut Artist” series.

Hear Stan Herd speaking:

‘Earthwork’ is a movie made about the life of Stan Herd.
Watch the trailer here:


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