Appeal for Art Materials

In order for the project to continue, I am requesting assistance from the public, to support me with Acrylic Paints, BrushesCanvas Panels and Easel Stands.

We are creating once every week, and the number of children is increasing – and I am not able to fund the art material all by myself anymore.
Acrylic Paint, Brushes and Canvas Panel (estimate 50cm x 75cm) or Easel Stands are available  at Jarir Book Store or Colour Note ( Tel: 974-44322868 or 44418548)

As of today (14 Jul) I have received acrylic paint from several parties:
1. Anand Sundaram & Peter – Acrylic paints
2. Colour Note Managing Director – 8 tubes of professional quality acrylic paints.
3. Shammim Mohd – Acrylic Paints & Brushes
4. Sana Britto –  Acrylic Paints, Canvas Panels & Brushes
5. Anusha Kandiah – Acrylic paints and Canvas Panels
6. Anish – Acrylic Paints and Canvas Panels
7. Elveena Currie – Acrylic Paints

Please know that we are not accepting cash.

Thank you.


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