Session 1: Creating art gifts for the shopping mall fire victims (Art must have a purpose).

The first painting session was organized at my residence on 6th July 10am. Ronak my son and I thought there would be about 4-5 children who will turn up for the first painting session. The support and care of the public overwhelmed us, when we had 62 children who turned up to create painting gifts for the families of the recent fire tragedy. Qatar Petroleum Dukhan had sent 18 Children and several parents! That bus-load was a symbol of a mammoth support.

We had a motley-crew of nationalities. It was heart warming to see many Qatari children who also turned up in full support. Kudos to the parents who encouraged their children to come forward and co-create with children of other nationalities, and show the expatriates what a warm and supportive country Qatar is!

We kicked off the first session with a candle-lit silence for a minute, followed by a short briefing by me. Several canvases that were already pre-painted with background colors and basic outline drawings were laid out for the children to add colors and input their creativity. There were also empty canvases allowing children to discuss and create from their own imagination. Soft drinks, fruits and some finger foods were made available for the children. Disposable aprons were also provided.

Children were divided into many groups. Several older children and some adults were selected on the spot to monitor, assist and guide the groups. Trilby, James, Fatima, Thea, Kamini, Ginu, Anila and Anand along with several others assisted with full zest. (Can’t remember the names of few more). Thank you all.

We all painted for about 2 hours. Total of 10 paintings were created. Some of them are final pieces while some will be further painted upon by the children in the next session. Remember, this is all about co-creation.
Thank you Ramesh Mathew and Jayan Orma of Gulf Times, Amit Newton and Maneesh Bakshi of Qatar Tribune, and Kabeer of Gulf Madhyamam. And also to the young reported from Qatar Tribune who interviewed us.

I know how our life (My wife Alka, Ronak and I) has been enriched by our ability to provide the opportunity for children and parents to come together and co-create for the ones who are not with us anymore. For the friends we never could meet. We also had the opportunity to spend time dwelling into the deep spring of creative ideas that resides in all these children.

The next session is on Saturday 14th July, 9.30am. Same place.
Those of you who want details to the venue please email me at – I will email you the direction map.

Here are some photographs. You can find more at:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you all. Thank you for your passion and compassion.

Patric Rozario
Doha. 8th July


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