Art on T-Shirt

Remember me saying that every art that you do must have a Purpose? Here are some of my creations that I have painted on T-Shirts. These are hand painted.
A combination of Tribal and Contemporary design.
I am on my way to creating a line of T-Shirt with my art. (Brand name yet to be finalized).

However if you have a design that you want to paint on your T-Shirt, do let me know. Cost varies depending on complexity of design.
In the meantime, do look at some of your doodles. Explore them and see if the whole or parts of your drawings are good enough to be painted or printed (T-Shirt Transfer) on T-Shirts. Soon I will be sharing with you some of my creations on Denim and Sneakers – all of which I teach.

Enjoy creating.

Patric Rozario




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