Creating art gifts for the shopping mall fire victims (Art must have a purpose).

Alka my wife, our sons Kushal and Ronak was heading for the popular Venice-themed shopping mall on that dreaded morning of 28 May 2012. I stayed back home preparing for an art class. A few hours later my son called me back to tell me that they were unable to go to the shopping mall as the roads were all blocked. They returned, dismayed.

Dismay turned to shock and utter disbelief as news of fire and death engulfed us. You know the rest of the story.

The family has been discussing on how we could help, participate or join in with the rest of Qatari and expatriate community to share the grief of parents, relatives and friends of those 19 people who lost their lives in the mall fire. Two weeks have gone by.

Yesterday morning, our son Ronak woke up with an idea and he shared it with me. My active involvement as an artist and as an art teacher will be put to best use – to do something for those souls who left us. We also discussed how this opportunity can be capitalized to put the maxim ‘Art must have a purpose”, to its best use. We planned to get together children from Qatar to create art collectively (in memory of those fire victims) and gift it to the parents or relatives of those who are not with us anymore. We ended up devising a plan for a project. Read on.

The Project:
РChildren will collectively create pieces of art and gift it to the parents or  relatives of those who died in the fire.
– We will personally deliver some painting to the parents, relatives or friends who are still in Doha.
– Parents, relatives and friends of victims who have left Doha – we will courier it to them.

The Gift
– Paintings (acrylic on canvas) and a 50 page ‘Travelling Art Book’ – a book that has gone from one child to another (throughout Qatar), where personal messages, drawings or poems are included.
– There will be 17 (or double that, if we are gifting 2 each) painting in total. These are paintings that has been created collectively.
– The paintings may include poems.

The Objective:
– We care and we miss you.
– We have empathy. We are one.
– Our art must have a purpose.

Where do we start:
– We meet first at my residence at Mansoura on Friday 22nd June at 10am. (Detailed location map will provided).
– Ronak and I will be devise a plan and share the plan with all those who attend. We will discuss suggestions.
– The next few day, we will finalize the details of the 17 paintings and the template.
– We will meet the following Friday at another location to raise awareness, and encourage more children to participate.

Project duration:
This will be a four (4) months painting project starting from 29th June 2012.
We will collectively decide on a date to start gifting the paintings.

Initial plan for the painting:
– I will visit the subject embassies and request for information. Will brief the Embassy officials and garner their support.

– Will discuss with fellow artist and artist teachers for the best theme for the paintings. Themes must make it easy for everyone to ‘build-up’ on the painting and be easy to complete the paintings.

– I will write to some courier companies to see if they can sponsor the ‘courier part’.

Information Hub:
Art Explorers blog will be used as the one point information hub. Facebook and Twitter will be additionally used.
The blog will be constantly updated.

Project Leaders:
We will be requiring 3-4 project leaders to assist in the operations and logistics.
Please write to me if you can spare the time and effort to be one of the project leaders.

Email Contact:
Always email to both parties, so we will not miss any emails.

Please email us poems that you wrote (for or about) the ones we lost (or will write). We plan to include them within some of the paintings.

We will not use brand names of the establishments involved in the tragedy. Instead we will use ‘Shopping Mall’ and Day Care Center”.

Victim’s details
See below. Please help us compile the full correct name of the victims, parents, relatives or friends. Their address and contact details are require.
These are only the initial thoughts of Ronak and I. In the next few days, the vision, objective, and modus operandi will become clearer. If you are emailing us suggestions, pleas bear in mind the following:

1. This is a collective endevour. (Plans to gift individual paintings will not be allowed)

2. If you are providing suggestion for the theme, it must be easily executable.

3. If you are willing to join in as a team leader, please remember that you must be able to put in your best effort over the next one month or so. You must own a car to help transport some children.



  • Ye Mengling, 4 years old, China
  • Hana Sharabati, 3 years old, Canada, Saudi Arabia
  • Umar Emraan, 18 months old, South Africa
  • Isabel Vela, 7 years old, Spain
  • Almudena, 7, Camilo, 5, and Alfonso, 2 years old, Travesedo (siblings), Spain
  • Lillie, Jackson and Willsher Weekes (triplets), 2 years old, New Zealand
  • Zeinah Aouani, 2 years old, United States
  • Yousef Chata, 3 years old, France, Egypt
  • Ivana Anthonios, 2, Egypt


  • Mahmoud Haidar, Iran
  • Hossam Chahboune, 22, Morocco


  • Shameega Charles, 29, South Africa
  • Maribel Orosco, Philippines
  • Margie Yecyec, Philippines
  • Julie Ann Soco, Philippines

Please email us photos of all the 19 persons. We like to update in this blog.

Thank you

Ronak Noel Patric
Patric Rozario


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