Art Classes for Young Artist

Art is essential for living well.
Art is essential for learning.

Art actually helps children perform better in other areas of life and makes learning a more well-rounded experience. According to neuroscientists, the more a child’s brain is stimulated, the more intricate and complex become the neuronal connections. This complexity translates into better memory perceptions and cognitive abilities which are all important for learning process. Art teaches children to look at a phenomenon from different angles. This is an important strategy which scientists use in their discoveries. It is also said that art is a great stress-buster. It is the involvement in a creative process, coupled with the release of emotion and diversion from the stress – that makes art a good source of relaxation.

Duration: Ongoing
2 days per week.
1 to 1.5 hours each day.

Venue: At the Artist Residence, Doha


Month ONE & TWO (Black & White)
– First 4 classes is about seeing ‘well’ the world around them – objects, organic shapes, geometric shapes, size, mass, opacity, distance, proximity. And how light modifies these. Understanding light is the core of They learn to draw basic objects.
– In the next 4 lessons children will learn to draw what they ‘see and observe ‘(and not draw what/how things ought to look like). They will be introduced to Charcoal and Graphite
– In the 2nd month, the first 4 class will be dedicated to ‘doodling’ and about ‘tangles’. They will begin to produce good works of art.
– The last 4 class will be dedicated to projects where children will produce works of art using charcoal, graphite, pencil and pen.

Month THREE (Color)
– The first 4 lessons will be learning to draw with colors – Painting. Water Color pencils & Acrylics. Techniques and Applications.
– The last 4 Lessons will be projects on paper, canvas and other materials. They will be introduced to ‘Mediums’ and how to use mediums to enhance, add diversity, and include texture to their paintings.

Month FOUR and onwards

The first day of the week children will be introduced to a project, be it sculpture, drawing or painting. Day two we will discuss the progress and fine tune the creations. They get to spend the next few days completing their project. The following week we study the finished work before embarking on a new project.  Some of the projects children will actively involve in (and produce works of art) are:

1.   Decoupage
2.   Thread Art
3.   Paper Sculpture
4.   Paper Mache Sculpture
5.   Air Hardening Clay
6.   Polymer Clay
7.   Geometric art (including Mandalas)
8.   Mosaic Art
9.   Glass Painting
10. Art on Textile and with Textile
11. Decorative Crafts
12. Functional Crafts
13. Digital Photography Fundamentals

Children also will learn (the larger benefit):
– To enjoy beautiful creations of artist who helped shape our world
– To learn about themselves – their feelings, their ideas of what is beautiful and what values and beliefs they like to see in artworks.
– To learn about other people – their feelings, their ideas of what is beautiful and what values they like to see in their art.
– To learn about other cultures – the values that shaped their visual arts.

These are social ideas – principles, standards or qualities people consider desirable, admirable or worthwhile.
Values children learn from the Art Explorers Art Class.
– Courage
– Wisdom
– Justice
– Equality
– Respect
– Individual Freedom

For Registeration:
Contact Patric Rozario at 974-55751450
or email him at


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