Paper Sculpture – Peace & Pain

Peace and Pain

Paper isn’t the first medium most people think of when they imagine sculpture, but it has qualities that help you create beautiful works of art.
We always have seen paper as a 2-Dimensional matter and use paper only to write, draw, paint or print on them. Take a look at a crumbled piece of paper or the streams of cut paper in the paper shedder. These are 3-Dimensional and you can use paper to sculpt. Did you know that paper is the most widely use material for art and craft, than any other material know to man?

There are many types of paper art, all of them rich with history and unique origins – all around the world. ‘Origami’ is the first thing that comes to the mind when we think of paper art (craft). However many countries have a long history of using paper for art and craft. The Koreans, Chinese (Zhezhi), Egyptians to mention a few. The Germans also has a long history with paper and art. They call it ‘Scherenschnitte, which means, “scissor cuts” in  German.

Humble as they may seem, paper is a great material for creating intricate designs and sculptures, and artists globally are continually using paper to create sculptures and 3-Dimentional works of art. Innumerable works of art with paper are already gracing museums and exhibitions throughout the world.

The tools and materials needed for paper sculpture are things that anyone can get hold of. Paper, scissors and glue, for a start.

Here is a tutorial of a piece of paper sculpture I created.  Titled ‘Peace and Pain’.
The inspiration for this piece came from a reference image I saw in the Internet, but I further developed the idea and the rationale. Any peace process, whether it be in your home, club, country or internationally is always met with opposition, resistance or even hostility. Some group or individual will always shoot an unexpected arrow to the peace process, intending to halt or at least delay the peace process. However the ‘Peace cycle’ will continue and ultimately proceed to meet the set objective(s).

Materials needed:

  1. Paper – White, A4 size, lots of them.
  2. Paper – Red, A4 size – 1 piece
  3. Light-weight wood (Balsa), to form the arrow shaft.
  4. Styrofoam – 3 cm thick.
  5. Scissor
  6. Compass & Pencil
  7. Paper Glue (I used Binder medium)
  8. Acrylic paint – White and Red.


I looked at feathers and studied them (internet images will suffice). I sketched them many time over until I was familiar with the shapes and sizes. I also read a bit about different types of feathers.
This is a time consuming project. I must have put in at least 6 hours behind this project.

Please know that the cut pieces of feather can be used for many other art projects and even used for collage or decoupage works.

Enjoy creating.

Patric Rozario
Doha. 1st June 2012


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