Get ready for Geometric art

The Paleolithic caves of France are famous for their prehistoric rock art. Along with the animal and human imagery, 26 symbols have appeared repeatedly. These symbols appear in other parts of the world as well, leading to the possibility that symbolic communication through geometric signs arose with early humans. Is it then possible that the 26 English alphabets developed from these 26 symbols? Read more:

However I will not be teaching you how to apply these 26 symbols in your art, or even teach you how to do cave paintings! What we will learn is to do beautiful designs using a compass, pencil and a ruler. Sound too simple and mundane? No, you will be amazed at how you can create beautiful and often mesmerizing works of art with these simple tools.

You will discover that Module 3  is a journey into the world of geometry and art, which will encourage your creative expression and empower your imagination to explore limitless possibilities. One of the most beautiful things you will learn is about symmetry and balance. We will be doing several geometric pattern exercises similar to the ones I have created. Here are some of my creations shown as examples.


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