Doodle Tangle

Students commencing the 12 Module Art class should go through the attached as part of the preparatory exercise. This is for day one – Module 1.

This is part of one of the exercise we will be doing, where we will apply doodling into creating ‘Tangles’.

We will be doodling on a sample art template called ‘My Beautiful Life’. This exercise will enable you to kick start doodling with a purpose. All you need is a black roller ink pen, an HB Pencil, and an eraser.
In class I will be providing you the following:

1. A few copies of the template ‘My Beautiful Life’.

2. Pencil (HB and 2HB), eraser and black roller ink pen.

3. Eraser.

4. Sample icons for you to choose from.

5. A few of my completed doodle art.

Look at the first image. This is the sample template I will be providing you in class. It has an outline text. On it I have drawn some ‘fields’ to help me with composing my doodle drawing. The second page is the sample icons you will use for the doodles. The succeeding pages show some of my doodles. I have made is as simple as possible, so you will know how easy it is to do Doodle Tangle.

Step 1:

Decide what story you want to convey when describing ‘My Beautiful Life’ (in your drawing). It could be describing your workplace that you are enjoying. Perhaps it is about you and your family at the favorite theme park. May by you want to tell about your beautiful country.

NB. In my example, I have NOT USED any story to convey. My objective is to show you how to use the sample icons to fill up the template.

Step 2:
Create ‘Fields’ lines with a pencil.

Step 3:
Fill the sample template with your drawings – icons, text, lines, circles, or even some additional text.

Step 4:
Erase the field lines.

Step 5:
Add more embellishments if needed.

Step 6:
Start Shading.

Step 7:
Shout out loud ‘Bravo, I did it’!.

I look forward to seeing you in class. Lets enjoy Doodle Tangle.


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